Transformation Life Coaching Program

The Complete Transformation Program for Everyone

The mind is the key to your success– even the greatest strategy won’t succeed without the right mind-set to implement it. Our Transformation Coaching Program specialises in helping you to identify sabotaging thoughts and behaviours, break those patterns, and push you to meet and exceed your desired results.

This proven solution based 12-14 hour program can be conducted either as 1:1 sessions (online or in person) or within a group setting.

Using techniques and principles derived from quantum physics, positive psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and life coaching, we have developed a full transformation life coaching program to help you change your life forever! In this program we go beyond the simple strategy and mentoring to help you get into the best possible mental state to reach your goals and help you get to your life outcome.

Mind-set is everything! These proven coaching techniques help you discover and define your personal successes.

I use the analogy of a ladder to explain the Program. Imagine a ladder having three rungs. These rungs are representative of steps you shall be taking in each phase of the program. Once you’ve climbed the last rung you are now fully equipped to reach your goals and attain the results you want in life.

The steps are broken down as follows:


Building a new mind-set

It is important to understand how the mind works. Our coaching techniques are based on Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), quantum physics, positive psychology and life coaching.

In step 1, we build a foundation by teaching you basic fundamentals and strategies that will equip you for success:

  • Power of the Subconscious Mind and how it can help you get what you choose to have or choose to experience.
  • Power of Belief and how to utilise it on a daily basis in your life
  • Understanding the Power of Intention and how it can empower you
  • Learn the fundamentals of Quantum Physics and how it can empower you to take control of our life and your reality; and
  • Learn how to start thinking Solutions and Outcome based
  • Learn the Power of Goal Creation- we help you reach your goals exploring what it is that is limiting you from achieving your goals. We examine, reflect and analyse your current reality
  • Unravel what is important to you- whatever you focus on expands so make sure whatever it is you’re focusing on matters to you



Beliefs and emotions are the Framework of who and what we are. Beliefs and Emotions create the internal experience of the outside world and our view of life and ourselves.

Your beliefs and emotions control everything you are experiencing right now. Everything, from your attitude, behaviours, habits, success, wealth, money matters, income potential, career, happiness, self-confidence levels, mental & cognitive capabilities, even your health and much more.

The main focus in step 2 is to release all these Negative Beliefs and Emotions that are working against you or holding you back

When you are in control of our emotions and empowered with positive beliefs you are in control of your life and are able to respond rather than react.


Re-invent Yourself

Our Self-Image and Unconditional Love for ourselves affects every area of your life, not just your self-esteem. Most of us have fallen out of love with ourselves. When we learn to unconditionally love ourselves, our self-confidence shoots through the roof, we learn to embrace challenges, others opinions hold less value and you know who you want to be. What you think and how you feel about yourself limits you and what you are capable of achieving.

In step 3 we will get rid of any low-self-esteem or low-self-confidence that a person may have. The biggest problem with not having Unconditional Self-Love and a Powerful Self-Image, is that we experience self-sabotaging habits because we feel undeserving of any love.

In this process we will let go of the past so that we can transform you into the amazing individual you were meant to be.

After going through our 12-14 hour transformation life coaching program, you will be set free to

Create the life of your dreams

Charge forward with new goals

Transform into the amazing person you were always meant to be

Live the life that’s right for you