The Power of You Program

Our Life Coaching Program for Children

We coach children for emotional & social well-being and help build their confidence.

The Power of You Program is aimed at cultivating optimal potential through awareness, connection, and empowerment by helping children:

Appreciate the importance and richness of diversity and difference in others

Build trust with self and others

Build resilience, self-esteem & efficacy

Develop Attitude of Gratitude

Offer Social and Emotional Learning tools

Experience the power of vulnerability into strength

Create Self-Awareness

Undertake Responsible Decision Making

Experience the power of thoughts, words and deeds

Learn the joy of having permission to be yourself

Create Social-Awareness

Be Mindful

Integrate learning into an everyday practice

Understand and navigate relationships through connection

Create Social-Awareness

Explore Possibility Thinking

When children have ideas and are ready to work for change in our world, how do we keep their hopeful spirits rising? How do we build their resilience, self-esteem and efficacy? How do we empower them to speak their truth, share their voice and honour their emotions?

This is how…

Our 1:1 or group facilitated Power of You Life Coaching sessions consists of 10 sessions of 1 hour each running over a period of 10 weeks.

Week 1 & 2

Extraordinary people are driven by a vision so big that they operate at a level beyond the conventional rules of work and life.

We engage in the power of intention/goal setting exercises, deconstructive journaling and vision boards- encouraging children to be extraordinary, wonder, be creative and dream big!

Week 3 & 4

We create an environment where children can change their model of reality and shift their beliefs. It is a process change where they develop a new system for living, finding ways how to recode themselves.

Week 5 & 6

Social and emotional learning, and conflict resolution is key.

Communication makes learning easier, helps children achieve goals, increases opportunities for expanded learning, strengthens the connection between children and their world, and creates an overall positive experience.

We build this skill in children by:

facilitating conscious dialogues and trainings specifically geared towards fostering better communication and conflict resolution

examining the power of words and how they impact our lives

Week 7 & 8

We teach children the meaning of Self-Love, Self-Esteem and Confidence. How to love and honour the Self. And explore the end-goals for self-love and loving relationships

Week 9 & 10

One of our primary goals is to help children prepare for healthy and productive lives.

The most systematic and efficient means for improving the mental and physical health of children is by learning the powerful and ancient techniques of meditation and yoga.

Meditation and yoga are proven to help reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, depression, and even help with pain and illness.

We use meditation and yoga to help children become better at functioning in the world.

Our children are brilliant and motivated, but they still need us to lift them up from time-to-time…. It’s up to you to give them that opportunity