Yoga and Meditation with Mira Butler

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Lead Life With Fearless Engagement

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Yoga and Meditation

Equanimity Undisturbed is specifically experienced in going out into the world, teaching in various environments and working with various levels of students.

You will experience all aspects of a complete yoga practice- traditional postures (based on Hatha Yoga), simple breathing techniques and guided meditations.

Our Yoga and Meditation practices will empower you, it’s fun, rewarding, sensible and encouraging. You’ll love our classes and stick to it (no matter your lifestyle or physical condition)!

We deeply respect all levels of students and all body types. Our priority is to make sure you have fun, feel challenged, relaxed and do it all safely!

When people who don’t do yoga observe people who do, many often think:

“I’m not fit enough… ”

“I’m not thin enough…”

“I’m not young enough…”

“I’m not flexible enough…”

“I don’t have the discipline…”

“I don’t have enough time…”

If any of these thoughts sound familiar to you, know that you are enough.

If any of these thoughts sound familiar to you, know that you are enough. And you can begin a mindfulness practice that gives you all the incredible rewards of this timeless art no matter your age, fitness level or shape.

Did you know that yoga and meditation – when done right – gives you gets more than just a fit and flexible body?

Yoga and meditation balances the four dimensions that makeup who you are:

Your Body

Your Mind

Your Heart

Your Soul

When doing yoga and meditation, you connect to your body’s autonomic nervous system

a ‘control panel’ that regulates many of your automatic functions like your breathing, digestion, and heartbeat.

This autonomic nervous system is further divided into two sub-groups:

The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS):

Associated with your fight-or-flight response, which is triggered through potentially harmful situations like extreme stress, or sudden loud noises.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS):

Also known as the rest and digest system, it conserves energy by slowing your heart rate, regulating digestion, and managing intestinal and gland activity.

The SNS and PNS are connected to each other like a see-saw: when one goes up, the other goes down.

Unfortunately, since modern life assaults you with endless stress and jarring stimuli, your mind and body spend a lot of time in a state of imbalance – leaving you struggling to relax, recharge, and focus in your daily life.

Studies show that yoga and meditation returns this balance to you by activating both your SNS and PNS at different points of your workout. This brings you back to a state of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance, both on and off the mat.

In short, yoga and meditation has a profound effect on your body’s inner workings – it influences how you feel, think, and show up in the world.

With Yoga and Meditation, you can have it all

These are just some of the many benefits:

    A heightened sense of self-awareness, so you can make better choices

    Dramatically improved flexibility, muscle strength, and posture no matter your age, shape, or condition

    Greater compassion and empathy for others, which elevates your personal and professional relationships

    Healthy and sustainable weight loss

    A stronger immune system so you heal faster and fall sick far less often

    Improved memory and a more organised mind

    Deeper and more rejuvenating sleep that leaves you feeling completely refreshed the next day

    Enhanced clarity, focus, and productivity throughout the day, so you get more done in less time

    Powerful resistance to stress, anxiety, and depression, leaving you with a lasting sense of bliss and peace of mind

    A stronger connection to your natural intuition and creativity

    And so much more


    We want to make yoga and meditation more affordable, comfortable and convenient for everyone. And that is why our mindfulness programs offer yoga and meditation under the guidance of an experienced instructor at home, school, work or at our yoga studio.

    Through step by step guidance, you will naturally transform from the buzzing world of thoughts and to-do lists to a serene state of tranquillity.

    The aim of these classes is to discover the surprising benefits of these ancient mindfulness practices.

    Gain focus, clarity, mental strength and energy.

    Yoga and Meditation at Work – We bring Yoga and Meditation Classes to your Office

    Every organisation wants that coveted “best company to work for” award. One of the most fun and easy ways to inspire and motivate your employees is to offer yoga and meditation classes at the office on a regular basis.

    Yoga and Meditation classes are a low-cost and innovative solution for organisations wanting to relieve workplace stress, anxiety, burn-out and depression. It promotes overall employee well-being.

    All you will need is a quiet, comfortable space large enough for a group.


    Yoga and Meditation in the Classroom

    More and more schools are beginning to embrace the power of yoga and mindfulness to improve the well-being of children.

    We specialise in children’s yoga where we develop their flexibility, creativity, focus and co-ordination.

    Create an early platform for a healthy, happy and balanced life for your children.

    Yoga and Meditation for Wellness Events

    We offer a range of practices from gentle and meditative to active and therapeutic.

    Work with us to put together a wellness event for your organisation or school that will leave everyone refreshed, re-energized and ready to face challenges head-on.

    Private Yoga and Meditation Groups

    Pick a time and location of your choice and we’ll provide private yoga and meditation classes for you and your family or friends.

    Indulge in a healthy, mindful experience with the ones you love.

    Your Instructor

    Known to many as the Bad Yogi. Mira loves teaching yoga and meditation in a fun and accepting space that’s free of judgment and limiting rules.

    Mira was introduced to the ancient art of Yoga after years of relentless personal and work life, where she found herself 20 kilograms’ overweight, and more stressed out and unbalanced in her life than ever before.

    Mira has completed a 200-hour yoga teacher certification with the Sri Sri School of Yoga based in Bangalore India. In doing so, she discovered powerful techniques (both on and off the mat) that helped her not only lose that excess weight, but also thrive in her personal and professional life.

    She is now a certified Yoga instructor and her mission is to share the same love she has for this ancient art with the rest of the world, and help others—regardless of their age, background, and experience—reap the multi-dimensional benefits of Yoga and Meditation.